How To Keep Prom Simple: Plan Less, Dance More.

March 28th, 2018

Prom season is here and with that comes planning, stressing about planning, and the pressure to look great and act cool. Teens are constantly stressing over keeping up with changing trends, and something like prom really brings that issue to the frontlines. Trends in fashion, music, dancing, etc., have certainly changed over the years. Need a quick refresh? Here’s a quick crash course in what’s cool in 2018 compared to back in the day.

In the age of the smartphone, no one passes no one passes notes anymore. Your proposal better be unexpected, unique, and share-worthy.

Don’t expect a photo album or scrapbook showcasing the big night. Want to see photos, you better get on Snapchat.

We know you love the music you grew up with, but this year’s playlist isn’t about you. Current high schoolers aren’t getting excited about your favorite grunge throwback track.

Here are some more comparisons to help get you up to speed with prom in 2018.



Having to keep up with such rapidly-changing trends can be exhausting! It makes the adults among us glad to be beyond our prom days. But add this to all of the actual planning that goes into pulling off the perfect prom and you can definitely start to empathize with teens who are still looking for a date, transportation, or a mind-blowing outfit. Whether you’re on the school’s planning committee, helping your son or daughter get ready for their big night, or personally in the running for prom king/queen, here are a few tips to help ease that dreaded prom-planning pressure.

Some people will tell you that it’s better to drive yourself to prom or to carpool with friends. Obviously, we could not disagree more. This is the prom we’re talking about here. Do you really want to show up to your date’s house in your parent’s car? Who wants to focus on driving while everyone else is having a good time? Why try to squeeze everyone into your mom’s minivan when you can all ride in luxury?

Charleston Style Limo will get you and your friends to the prom and back with safety, style, and zero stress! With a number of great prom packages to choose from, you’ll have an amazing time without having to worry. Don’t get stuck driving while your date gets increasingly bored in the passenger seat. With a dedicated chauffeur and chariot, everyone can relax and enjoy the ride!

Get The Right DJ

The right DJ is key for a memorable prom night. The last thing you want is for a great vibe to be ruined when the DJ decides to play one of “his personal favorites”. It’s 2018 and teens don’t necessarily want to be doing the YMCA anymore.

You can avoid this by asking all your DJ prospects to provide references, and a list of clients before hiring them. Also find out the kind of music they love to play, and take the time to look up reviews from previous customers. Again, you want to make sure that their music style will match the vibe of your prom theme and the taste of the majority of students.

Find Everything You Need Online

Here’s where the real stress comes in. Finding the right dress or suit comes with all kinds of considerations. What if you pick the same dress as someone else? What if your tux is too old fashioned looking? (Even though that vintage look is actually very in). Honestly, the only thing that matters here is finding a suit or dress that you personally love; something that allows you to feel cool and be comfortable. Nothing else even really matters!

Girls can find modern styles from big name designers at dress rental outlets like Charlotte’s Closet, and can even try them on at home before making the final decision! The Black Tux has a wide variety of rental options for prom tuxedos and suits for guys (or girls) in all shapes and sizes. They guarantee a perfect fit, and if not they will send you a replacement for free! All of this without having to get awkwardly measured or go to tedious tux fittings! How can you lose?

We Really Do Mean Everything

So you’ve got your outfit all set, but oh no! How are you going to find the perfect color and style flowers to match what your date is wearing? Of course you’ll want something original – not the same old thing from the local flower shop. Come to think of it, when is the last time you even went to a flower shop?

Well don’t worry, you can find beautiful corsages and boutineers online too! FTD has a wonderful selection of bright colors and original designs that have all been crafted by hand. Plus their site also features some incredibly helpful information and “how-to” guides that are guaranteed to help you impress your date!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

With all the stress and pressure that comes hand in hand with prom planning, it can be easy to develop inflated ideas of what your night will be like. Becoming addicted to your expectations can lead to you feeling let down when things don’t happen exactly how they’re “supposed to”. You don’t want to be forcing a good time, on yourself or anyone else. So our advice is to just let it go! Prom, above all else, is supposed to be fun. So that’s what you should be concentrating on.

Don’t have a date? Who cares? Go with friends! You’re all going to end up on the same dance floor anyway.

Someone else has a more expensive dress than you? So what? You found a way to look great and save some money! You win!

Forgot to capture every single moment for your Snapchat stories and Instagram pics? Don’t worry! Some moments are more magical when they live inside your memory. That’s what makes them special!

Living in the moment is key. Before you know it, the planning, dancing, and laughing will all be over and you’ll be on to bigger and better things; leaving the high school trends behind for a new batch of prom-goers to worry about. So for now, keep it simple. Focus on having fun, staying safe, and letting your true self shine through.